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Our History

Our Founder

Established on 19th March 2007. Alpha High School is an institution that was founded on the solid vision of enabling students to achieve academic excellence through intellectual and physical challenges, and enabling them to function as responsible citizens of this dynamic society.
Through all our hardwork we have made it our mission:

  • • To provide education that is the source of the intellectual, spiritual and cultural growth.
  • • To enable students to acquire knowledge that supports and meets individual student's needs.
  • • To develop student's critical and divergent thinking.
  • • To encourage students to be all rounded.
  • • To inculcate the attitude that will enable a student to be social, mobile, interactive, ambitious and self directed.
With the vision embraced by every staff and transfered swiftly to our students, Alpha High School has had great sucess over the years being able to become the nurturing ground of great professionals and leaders locally and globally.


Prof. Aloyce Mayo

Founder of Alpha High School.

Ms Fatina Said

Managing Director

Words From Our Managing Director

As Alpha Schools Director, I wish to express my sincere gratitude to the Alpha community and to my late Husband Professor Wenceslaus Aloyce Mayo for the great support they have offered since the foundation of the Schools.
Alpha Schools started in 2007 with a vision to advance young people’s skills in a wonderful school environment. I am thrilled beyond measure for the unwavering support from our dedicated teachers, caregivers, the general staff and the local community. In my personal capacity I would like to assure my fellow Tanzanians that we provide equitable opportunities that lead to success for each and every student.
Alpha Schools strive to be the type of institutions modeled to assist young people to achieve their very best potentials. Our philosophy is providing a safe, supportive, and engaging environment that ignites our learners to discover the genius that each of them possesses.
We are committed to prepare our learners to meet our school-wide learning goals, assuring that each of them are:

  • • Contributing members to the community
  • • Collaborative citizens.
  • • Effective communicators.
  • • Independent thinkers.
  • • Technologically skilled.

Why Choose Our Institution?

Alpha schools are the first schools in Tanzania to introduce Aviation and Flying through Extra curricula activities. This aims at giving our students the opportunity to explore different areas of interest, develop passion in aviation technology, increase self-confidence, and improve on career skills. Our schools have excellent quality academic state which transform student’s mind into profitable resource for our community and the world at large.

Best Education Facility

At Alpha school, we take great pride in offering some of the best facilities available.

Highly Skilled Teachers

At alpha school all 80% of our teachers are bachelor degree university graduates.

Book Library & Labs

At Alpha school, we take great pride in offering some of the best facilities available.