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We Have A very Friendly & Sophisticated facilities.

Having access to high-quality facilities is an essential component of a well-rounded education. The right facilities can greatly enhance the learning experience by providing students with the resources and tools they need to succeed. At Alpha school, we take great pride in offering some of the best facilities available, ensuring that our students have every opportunity to achieve their full potential.

Modern Class rooms

Our classrooms are equipped with the latest technology, including interactive whiteboards, audiovisual equipment, and high-speed internet. They provide a dynamic and engaging environment for learning, promoting collaboration and discussion among students.

Cutting-edge Science Labs

Our labs are designed to allow for hands-on learning, with specialized equipment and materials for conducting experiments and scientific research. They offer an opportunity for students to develop essential laboratory skills and deepen their understanding of scientific concepts

Sports field

Our spacious sports field provides a venue for physical activity and promotes a healthy and active lifestyle. It offers opportunities for team sports, individual exercise, and other physical activities that can benefit students' mental and physical well-being.

Computer labs

Our state-of-the-art computer center is equipped with the latest hardware and software, enabling students to develop essential digital skills. It offers access to online resources, programming software, and other tools for digital literacy.

Health Care Center

Our school also has a dedicated health care facility staffed by trained medical professionals. This facility provides access to medical care and support for students, ensuring their health and well-being. The facility offers basic first aid, medication administration, and health counseling services.

Resourceful Library

Our library is fully stocked with books, periodicals, and online resources, offering a vast collection of knowledge and information for students to access. It provides a quiet and comfortable space for studying and research, as well as resources for personal growth and development